Check PM’s Car Too, Mamata Instructs Police


Basirhat: Mamata Banerjee seems to have adopted strict measures after huge sum of money was recovered from Bharati Ghosh’s car. Addressing a rally in Haroa, Mamata Banerjee instructed to police to check even the PM’s car in order to stop money from entering West Bengal. She had earlier alleged that BJP has been trying to buy votes.

On Thursday, a sum of 1 lakh 895 rupees were recovered from Ghatal’s BJP candidate Bharati Ghosh’s car. Without naming Ghosh, Mamata lashed out at her on Friday.

Addressing the Ashoknagar rally, Mamata said that soon after campaigning, the BJP starts distributing money.”

On Saturday, Mamata said, “That day, a car was seized. Money was coming in two cars. The other vehicle fled. I have told the police that no one should be left out. Everyone’s vehicle should be checked. Check PM, CM, everyone’s car. Check my car also any day.”

Mamata further added, “10 were arrested yesterday who are from UP. The outsiders are roaming in West Bengal with money. Why will outsiders be present in Bengal polls?”