Charges Of North Bengal Jangal Safari Hiked


Jalpaiguri: Sad news for forest lovers. Jungle safari price changed for this season visit. Prices are increased for accommodations in jungle. Gorumara, Chapramari  forests and reserve forests across north Bengal will reopen from Sunday. And from Sunday, the new price will be applicable for tourists.

Gorumara Divisional forest officer Nisa Goswami said that we have seen changes in the price of both services and day to day commodities and for this reason prices of accommodation revised.

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Every year millions of tourists visited Gorumara forest. Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary also another visiting place in North Bengal. This two places will reopen on Sunday. Century old Gorumara forest bunglow also renovated. Jatraprasad watch tower also renovated. The cost of all of this places are increased.

A day-trip from Lataguri to Jatraprasad watch tower would cost Rs 1080 per head. A visit to Chukchuki tower would cost Rs 780. Earlier it was Rs720for visit. Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary visit would cost from now Rs 1200 and Chadrachur watch tower visit fee would cost RS 1100.

Nisha Goswami said that travel costs are increasing but it is not too high. Considering all that the tourists are not facing problems, the list of costs has been extended slightly. Rent of tourist accommodation will also increase.