Chaos In BJP’s Durgapur Meet, Clashes Erupts Between Police & Supporters


Durgapur: Clashes erupts between BJP supporters and police on Thursday over BJp’s public gathering in Durgapur. The incident took place in Durgapur in West Bardhaman on Thursday. Police alleged that BJP conducted public meeting without permission. Civic volunteers entered the field to stop the meeting but BJP supporters chased the civic volunteers with sticks.

On Thursday, a meeting was scheduled to be held at Saghra Bhanga Maidan of Durgapur. BJP supporters gathered at 2 pm in the afternoon. The witnesses said that they were barred from the police after they were not allowed to do so.

Then the meeting started with a temporary stage. Mukul Roy started giving speeches. State BJP president Dilip Ghosh is also scheduled to attend the meeting. The meeting was organized to strengthen the soil under foot in industrial area. But the BJP said that the permission was already taken for the meeting. The supporters of BJP activists alleged that the meeting was not conducted for politrical reason.

Several TMC activists were expected to join BJP in this meeting. So, question raises that Has Trinamool a hand behind the purpose of foiling the Thursday’s meeting of the BJP. But there is no news of casualties.