Chaos Erupts At Chopra, Central Forces Arrive After 4 Hours


Chopra: Major clashes broke out between TMC and BJP workers on Thursday at Chopra’s Hatighisha crossing area.

The locals resorted to protest at the National Highway 31 accusing the TMC workers of trying to stop them from giving their votes. The police later on came and after assurance, they withdrew their protests. The police took them to the booths and assured them of peaceful vote.

But the state administration failed to give the locals proper explanation. The locals alleged that they have no trust in the police and wanted the Central Forces. Only then, will they give their votes. The Central forces arrived in the area four hours after the incident took place.

The locals alleged that whenever they went near the booths, some TMC supporters stopped them and threatened them from going. They alleged that these men told them that their votes were already casted.

Despite assurance from the police, the locals refused to give votes. To this, they said that they (the police) do not do any work. Now they are saying that they will take the locals to the booths, but later on if the TMC men beats them, then they will not save them. Hence, they want the central force.

After this, the locals caught the TMC worker and started beating him. The police, later, lathicharged, rescued the man and detained him. After this, clashes broke out between the two sides and stones were pelted. A huge police force rushed to the area.

However, the TMC leadership have rejected all such allegations and have accused the BJP of the clash. They claimed that some of the BJP cadres came and tried creating chaos.