Chaos At Birbhum Over Recovery Of Woman’s Skeleton


Suri: Chaos spread at Birbhum over the recovery of a woman’s skeleton in the wee hours of Thursday. The incident occured at Birbhum’s Palsara village under the Suri police station.

According to locals, an youth from Palsara village was walking by a canal in Chandrabhaga bridge’s jungle. At that time, he saw the skeleton of a married woman. Seeing the skeleton, he was scared and screamed. Hearing his screams, the villagers rushed to him. The Suri police were informed immediately. The police reached the spot and recovered the skeleton.

The villagers presume that someone threw the skeleton here. Beside the skeleton was found a cloth, some jewelleries, the woman’s braid. These led them to believe that the skeleton is of a woman.

The youth Ajay Bagdi said, “I was walking by the jungle at around 7 in the morning when I found the skeleton lying. After this I started screaming, hearing which the villagers arrived. After that the police was informed. We assume that someone has thrown the skeleton here.”