Chaos At Apollo Hospitals Over Newborn’s Death


Kolkata: Medical negligence led to the death of a newborn in Kolkata’s Apollo hospital on Wednesday. The situation turned into a commotion with the two concerning parties engaging in a fistfight. Huge police forces has been deployed.

গাফিলতির অভিযোগে শিশু মৃত্যু ঘিরে অ্যাপোলো হাসপাতালে ধুন্ধুমার

The four month old newborn, Gunja Chakraborty passed away while in ventilation during early hours of Wednesday. She was admitted to Apollo on April 15 due to blood loss during excretion. She was initially taken to Joka’s ESI hospital but was later referred to Apollo for colonoscopy.

Gunja’s family complained that she was left unattended for two days. Few tests were conducted following which Gunja was starved for 12 hours. On Tuesday, she was given high-dose anaesthetic for more tests. Gunja couldn’t recover to senses for which she was later shifted to ventilation ward. She succumbed to injuries on Wednesday morning.

The hospital premises saw a pandemonium soon after. Properties were vandalised. Phoolbagan Police couldn’t take control of the situation. Later huge forces from Lalbazar were deployed.

A complaint has been lodged by Gunja’s family with the Phoolbagan police against three doctors, Vaishali Srivastava, Sanjay Tiwari and Mahesh Goenka .

One family member allege that Gunja has been starved for 12 hours and soon after was put on an overdose of anaesthetic. This could have potentially cause the death.

The doctors allegedly gave away misleading information about Gunja’s worsening health.

Gunja’s maternal uncle fuming over the gross medical negligence alleged that it was a murder. The hospital authorities sought bill payments soon after the death. He wants immediate action.

This event gave fresh impetus to the gross medical negligence Apollo Hospitals has been infamously dominating the newsscene for. Sanjoy Roy’s death forces the state governemnt to bring changes in the healthcare structure.

Still an innocent toddler lost her life.

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