Is ‘Champ’ A Remake Of A Hollywood Movie ?


Kolkata: Before the release of ‘Champ’, Dev has revealed the name of his next movie.

Dev revealed that his next movie would be ‘Cockpit’ which would be directed by Kamaleswar Mukherjee and produced by Dev himself apart from being the hero of the movie. The heroine is the debutant of ‘Champ’ movie Rukmini and Koel Mallick. Apart from them, other cast members are model Roja and small screen little and popular girl ‘Bhutu’ whose real name is Arshiya.

Rumours say that ‘Cockpit’ is the remake of a famous Hollywood movie. Is that true?  Roumours point out that tollywood is remaking Hollywood’s ‘Up in the Air’ which was released in 2009 where George Clooney played the protagonist’s role. The posters of both the movies are similar which proves the rumours true.

But the director of the movie, Kamaleswar Mukherjee has completely denied it. He said that, “the story of the Hollywood movie is totally different. My movie ‘Cockpit’ is based on the true incident of one plane accident but ‘Up In The Air’ is comedy based movie. But how the posters are similar for both the movies that I don’t know. This is totally coincidence”.

Is really ‘Cockpit’ a remake of the Hollywood movie ‘Up In The Air’? Answers would come out once the movie releases. Till then audiences will have to wait.

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