Chamling Slams BJP For Fooling Hill Communities


Gangtok: Sikkim chief minister and president of the Sikkim Democratic Party Pawan Chamling on Tuesday obliquely accused the BJP of trying to fool the Limbu and Tamang communities of the state by promising them reservation of seats in the Assembly.

Addressing party supporters here on the first day of the second-leg of his mass-contact programme, Chamling said the state couldn’t reserve seats in the Assembly for any community because that is the domain of the Centre.

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“Every time I go to Delhi, or they (Central leaders) come here, I raise the issue of seat reservation for the Limbus and Tamangs, and granting of scheduled tribe status for all other Nepali communities. The state is not authority to provide seat reservation, the Centre has the authority to do so,” he said.

Limbus and Tamangs, who were granted Scheduled Tribe status in 2002, has long been demanding reservation of seats for them in the Assembly. The ruling SDF, too, supports the demand. Recently, the BJP had claimed that it was the only party capable of delivering the demand.

Without naming the BJP, Chamling, however, said people wouldn’t be fooled by the BJP claim. “A party from outside said recently that it alone was capable of providing seat reservation to the Limbus and Tamangs. Can a party provide reservation? Are we all fools?” he asked.