Cetre Guides Bank Looters To Escape: Mamata Banerjee

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Malda: The Bengal chief minister continued her tirade against the Centre on the Punjab National Bank loan fraud, saying the Union government was allowing some people with bulk of money to escape India while it was being ‘emotionless’ about common people.

“The central government is helping a handful of rich people. Common people somehow manage to accumulate money and save it in banks. It is that money some people have looted and the Centre is keeping mum when they have fled the country. People have started losing confidence in banks because of such things,” Mamata Banerjee told in a  public distribution program at the DSA Ground in Malda.

The chief minister also took a dig at the NDA government for the decision to slash interest on provident fund.

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“Instead of taking steps against fraudsters, the Centre has devised a new plan to fleece the common people. To churn out the thousands of crore lost in the scams, it has now cut down provident fund interest rate. Interest rates for fixed deposits and small savings have also declined.”

Opposition parties, led by the Congress and the Left, on Tuesday demanded a discussion in the Bengal Assembly on the fraud at the Punjab National Bank and other nationalised banks.