Centuries Old Ramayana Manuscript Found in Kolkata


Kolkata: A 600-years-old Sanskrit manuscript of Ramayana has been found in the library of Sanskrit Sahitya Parishad in Kolkata. The discovery has amazed the scholars.

As per reports, scholars were searching for old manuscripts of Banhi Puran in the library when the Ramayana manuscripts were recovered. However the manuscript was unique considered to other version of Ramayan, as they significantly differ from the Balmiki Ramayana believed to be written before the birth of Jesus Christ.

Asiatic Society’s professor Anasuya Bhowmik said that the manuscript describes Lord Rama’s return after 14 years in jungle exile and the separation from wife Sita. However the manuscript significantly omitted Lord Rama’s childhood and kingship days.

Interestingly the manuscript reveals minute details like the age of Rama and Sita, the day Sita was abducted by demon king Ravana etc. Professor Manabendu Banerjee explained that the manuscript tried to highlight the human side of Rama, eclipsed by his godly stature.