Centre Reduced Interest Rate On PF To Recover Money: Mamata


Hemtabad: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday claimed that the centre has reduced the interest rate on PF to recover the money. The BJP talks of Achhe Din. But their actions are all anti-people. They are taking away people’s savings.

People’s money in banks is not safe. They are bringing FRDI Bill, now banks will have a say on your savings. she added that it has become a mute spectator to the loot of public money to the tune of crores of rupees. She reiterated that the Centre cannot wash its hands off and has to look into the matter.

Whenever elections approach, they start Hindu-Muslim divide. Audits are not held properly. Few rich people are running away with crores of rupees, with government’s help. Shouldn’t the government be penalized for organised loot of people’s money? She asserted.

Mamata Banerjee also cliamed that Common people are harassed over cash memos and GST for buying something as small as nokuldana. Some people are commiting bank fraud, and no action is taken.

They are denying basics in the name of Aadhaar. People do not have social security or financial security. Federal structure is being demolished. Burn Standard Company, which I acquired as Railway Minister, is being shut down. Alloy Steel Plant is also being divested. Workers will lose their jobs.