‘Centre Must Have Biometric Details Of Rohingyas For Further Process’


Kolkata: Chairing the 23rd Eastern Zonal Meeting at West Bengal administrative headquarter Nabanna on Monday, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh said that state has to send the biometric details to central government for further movement on the issue.

Rajnath Singh in the meeting said that, “State has to collect biometric details of Rohingya refugees and assimilating those information, state has to send those to Centre. The government will scrutinize all the facts and figures then only hold a bilateral meeting with Myanmar accordingly.”

The NRC issue became the nightmare for many citizens of India and sparked political chaos focusing the issue. But the NRC issue has been politicized on several ground and many incident took place following this.

Apart from the issue, at least 26 issues have been discussed in the Integrated Security of Eastern zonal meeting. He also accepted that there is a need of central forces in the area, a limitation has been set following some issues but it is flexible and can be increased with valid necessity.

Maoist and Separatist issue were also a point of discussion in West Bengal and Jharkhand area. Centre has assured fast action on these issues. On the other hand, modernization of equipment and upgrading the state police task force also took the attraction of the Eastern Zonal Council meeting at Nabanna.

Overall the meeting was fruitful as everyone has placed their concerns over their own states. Now it is a matter of time and the output execution of Central government. The Meeting Nabanna Started at at around 11:30 on this morning and had a descriptive talk over almost all the scheduled issues.

Rajnath Singh is in Kolkata on two days visit from Sunday. The change in Twitter handle comes at a time when Singh is on a two-day visit of West Bengal, during which he will attend a meeting of the Eastern Zonal Council.

This is not the first time that the home minister has gone vernacular for his name on Twitter. In the past one month, there have been several instances when he chose to write his name in regional languages. But mostly it continues Hindi and English.