Centre Did Not Construct Concrete Bridge At Gangasagar, Despite Promise: CM


Centre Did Not Construct Concrete Bridge At Gangasagar, Despite Promise: CM

Gangasagar: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Friday has visited the camps for pilgrims, who are going to Gangasagar. She said, “Irrespective of religion, caste, creed or language, we all work together. This is the culture of our State.”

It may be mentioned that earlier pilgrims had to pay a tax to visit Gangasagar. It was abolished after Trinamool came to power.

The CM said, “When I visited Gangasagar in the past, it was in shambles. There was no infrastructure. We have undertaken massive renovation projects. We have renovated the temple complex, constructed cottages for tourists and pilgrims, new roads, renovated the ghats. We have constructed youth hostels. Earlier going to Gangasagar was difficult, but now we are taking care of the security and comfort of tourists and pilgrims.”

The Centre has not kept its promised of constructing an iron bridge at Gangasagar. Expressing her angst, the CM said: “We had asked the Centre to construct a port at Tajpur. They agreed to do so, but wanted 74% stake. We were ready to give it, if they built a concrete or iron bridge at Gangasagar. Four years have passed, but nothing has happened. We have decided that we will build the bridge on our own. It will cost Rs 1,500 crore, and will take time. But we will do it for the convenience of people.”

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