Centre Delayed Announcement Of E Ahamed’s Death: Opposition


New Delhi: The Congress and CPI(M) on Wednesday accused the government of delaying the announcement of the death of IUML MP E Ahamed in order to facilitate presentation of the Union Budget as scheduled.

“They had information (about Ahamed’s death) and could have decided (to make it public) yesterday, but they put the decision on hold perhaps because they thought they would take the decision after presentation of the budget… This is an inhuman act. To deal with a politician like this at such a time is not right,” Congress leader in Lok Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge said.

CPI(M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury said that even Ahamed’s daughter was not being allowed to see him. “His daughter is a doctor — a renowned doctor. When she insisted, legally they couldn’t stop her from going and she goes there and finds him dead. They wanted to keep the body there till the Budget was presented and then make the announcement. This is absolutely inhuman. The body started decomposing… This is absolutely unheard of,” he said.

Questioning the government’s argument that the Budget had been presented on earlier occasions despite the death of MPs, he said, “That precedent is for a Budget on February 28. It is essential that the Budget be presented on February 28… beyond that people’s salaries… the whole system comes to a grinding halt. This is February 1. What is the precedent on February 1?”

He added, “It is just that they had made all these arrangements… for publicity and everything, so they didn’t want that to be disturbed… It shows the real character of the people who are in government today.”

Senior Congress leader A K Antony called the behaviour of the RML Hospital authorities towards Ahamed’s family members “cruel”. He said he was pained by the fact that the relatives of the former Union minister were allegedly not allowed to meet him or informed about his health at the government-run hospital. “It is because of the cruel approach of the authorities that the Congress president (Sonia Gandhi) visited the hospital at night and spent almost two hours despite her ill health.”