Centre Cheated Nation With Demonetisation Scam: Mamata


Kolkata: West Bengal Chief minister Mamata Banerjee, on the second anniversary of Demonetisation has slammed Central government on Thursday saying that Narendra Modi led government has cheated the nation with the note-ban ‘scam’.

Calling it a dark day, Banerjee tweeted: “The government cheated our nation with this big #Demonetisation scam. It ruined the economy and the lives of millions. People will punish those who did this.”

The Centre had on the day in 2016, at 8 p.m. announced a ban on the currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 in a sudden move that took everyone by surprise, restricting availability of money for the next two days and taking months to return to normal.

“#DarkDay today is the second anniversary of #DeMonetisation disaster. From the moment it was announced I said so. Renowned economists, common people and all experts now all agree,” Banerjee added.

Congress To Hold Protest On 2 Years Of Demonitization

The entire nation is agitated and faced many problems on this regard. The anti-BJP parties have gathered to protest against the act of Modi led central government.