Central Forces Search CPM Parliamentarian Ritabrata’s Car


Jalpaiguri: Ritabrata Bandopadhyay, Rajyasabha MP of CPM has alleged that his car was stopped by central forces after which, it was also thoroughly searched. Ritabrata was also detained for an hour inspite of giving his identity.

It has been surfaced, that Ritabrata was travelling from Kolkata towards Jalpaiguri’s Maynaguri. Election Commission is trying to conduct the polls in a peaceful manner, which is why they have deployed central force in various parts of the state. Central forces are conducting regular route march and search across the state to ensure a suitable atmosphere before polls begin.

In North Bengal, these forces are giving more stress; they are stopping all cars to search. Political commentators believe that central forces have not done anything wrong in this case, as they have just done their duty only.