Central Forces Not Seen On Roads Due To Change Of Policy


Kolkata: The fifth phase of the Lok Sabha polls in West Bengal is scheduled on Monday. But during the previous four phases, all witnessed protests in the form of vote boycotts in demand for central forces in and outside booths.

Despite assuring 100 % deployment of central forces in every booth, but the election commission still could not prevent political clashes.

Though central forces were present in the booths in the fourth phase, but the voters were stopped far away from the booth. It was also seen in different media.

Political analysts have held responsible the policy of the deployment of the team of special police observer.

According to media reports, State Force Co-ordinator Y.B. Khuraniya of the central force have filed a complaint on this to the Home Ministry. But in vain. The forces have been deployed on the basis of the policy of Vivek Dubey (special police observer). Hence, no route march can be seen of the central forces. As a result, they are not being able to counter clashes outside booths.