Celebrating ‘Poila Boisakh’ In ‘Their’ Own Style


London: Bengali New Year is celebrated in West Bengal, every year with great enthusiasm. On this day, people wear new clothes and eat many mouth watering eatables including delicious sweets. For many, this is a day of reunion and people celebrate this day with their friends and families.

On this day, customarily, younger members of the family touch the feet of the elder members of the family and take blessings from them. It is also seen that on this day, people send greeting cards to their near and dear ones. Those cards may be handmade or ready made. The day begins with early morning processions, song and dance to welcome the New Year. But wait ! What if the same celebration takes place but in some other part of this world ?

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When ‘Koppotakkho Nod’ brings every Bengali together

The Midlands Bengali Association organized and celebrated Poila Baisakh on Saturday with religious fervor at London. Several events were organized keeping the theme eccentric to children in mind, especially those children who are being nurtured miles away from home, at a distant land. The event began with ‘Subho Nababarsho’. Sukumar Roy’s ‘Obaak Jolpan’ was enacted for the children. Tributes were paid to several poets of West Bengal through singing and dancing. Sudhti and Sarbojeet danced to the melodies of Michael Madhusudan Dutta’s Koppotakkho Nod.

Risha was the youngest among the participants. The Bengali community in London enjoyed to the fullest inspite of staying so far away from their homeland. Debjani performed beautifully to the song ‘Ami banglai gan gai nea.’

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Food completes every Bengali tradition

No Bengali festival is complete without its delicacies. Egg Devil, Polau and Patisapta were there for all to enjoy Poila Baisakh completely. The association consists of 3 months aged Sid to Chatterjee dadu aged 90 from among its 100 members.