CCTVs in Kolkata buses getting a thumbs up

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Kolkata: While Mamata Banerjee’s promise of turning Kolkata into London is not making much headway, but some of the buses that her government is running in the city certainly have a new look. So “new-look” that not only are many of them air conditioned, 632 of them have CCTV cameras installed inside. It has triggered a debate about Big Brother but women say they feel safer.

CCTVs are not installed in AC buses alone but in 461 non-AC buses as well. All run by the Calcutta State Transport Corporation (CSTC) which doesn’t have London on its mind but better simply public transport.

Bishamdeb Dasgupta, Managing Director, CSTC, said, “I can’t say it will be London or a different city, metro. But it will be a smart city as far as public transport is concerned. Everything will be smart. Ticketing system, surveillance system, management system, everything will be smart.”

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Many lady passengers confessed that they feel safe after the installation of the CCTVs in the buses as it would discourage the miscreants from conducting any moves. While a small faction termed it as an encroachment on privacy, the majority seemed to be giving it a thumbs up