CBSE Students Know Here About This ‘Discontinued’ Subjects


New Delhi: The top education board CBSE (The Central Board of Secondary Education has decided to remove a few subjects from the regular course of classes 9th, 10th and 12th respectively. Though the board has not provided any reason behind this decision.

The next fresh session is going to start soon. The top education board will discontinue a few subjects for all the three classes from the next fresh session. The courses will be discontinued from CBSE schools across the country.

For class 12th students the English Elective subject has been removed from the course along with Multimedia and Web Technology and Dance Mohiniyattam. CBSE has decided to discontinue the English Communicative (EC) course for Class 9 and 10 along with three other subjects namely Information and Communication Technology, ePublishing and eOffice.

Here is the list of subjects being discontinued by the CBSE:

Class 9 and 10:

English Communicative (Paper Code 101)
Information and Communication Technology (Paper code 166)
ePublishing (Paper code 354)
eOffice (paper code 454)

Class 12:

English Elective (Paper Code 101)
Multimedia and Web Technology (Paper code 067)
Dance Mohiniyattam (Paper code 062)

The CBSE schools across the country will find it difficult to cope up with the change as the fresh academic session is about to begin in a few days.