CBI’s Questions To Matthew At A Glance

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Kolkata: The Crime Bureau of Investigation (CBI) started their work soon after receiving the nod from the High Court to submit a report after preliminary enquiry into the Narada scam.

The officials of the national investigating agency had emailed Narada News CEO Matthew Samuel a list of 12 questions relating to his sting operation. Questions vary from the amount of money spent, the source of its money were some of the questions asked.

Let us go through the list of questions asked and the answers given by Matthew Samuel.

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Question 1: When did you plan to conduct the Narada sting operation?

Answer: I planned this at the end of 2013.

Question 2: When did the sting operation begin?

Answer: I started the operation on 23rd March 2014.

Question 3: How long did it take to conduct the sting operation?

Answer: It took almost 8 months.

Question 4:  How many was a part of this operation apart from you?

Answer: 6-7 employees of the Narada portal were a part.

Question 5: Where were you during the Narada sting operation?

Answer: I was living in several hotels or guest houses in Kolkata. Sometimes I used to travel from Delhi too.

Question 6: Who all helped in carrying out the Naarada sting operation?

Answer: I got to know Tiger Meerza through Islam, a taxi driver. Through Tiger Meerza I could know all the others those can be seen in the video.

Question 7: What is the source of the money used in the sting operation?

Answer: I did the sting operation used by the money given by Tehelka.

Question 8: What were the equipments used in the sting operation?

Answer: iPhone AI387 was used to shoot the video.

Question 9: Where were the footages of the sting operation stored?

Answer:  It was stored in Sandisk-AR 64GB pendrive, Samsung’s hard disk and Macbook Pro laptop.

Question 10: Where was the editing done for the Narada sting footages?

Answer: The editing was done at Narada office in Delhi.

একনজরে নারদ কর্তার কাছে সিবিআইয়ের প্রশ্নাবলী

Question 11: Who edited the Narada Sting operation’s video footages?

Answer: Former employee Nidhi Ramachadran and a few others.

Question 12: Where was the Narada sting footage uploaded first?

Answer: It was first uploaded at the Narada website

The CBI has already taken Matthew’s computer’s CPU, which consists of the Narada sting footage and where it was also edited, into their custody from his New Delhi residence.