CBI Will Send Notice To Rajeev Kumar Again


Kolkata: CBI is going to send a notice to the Police Commissioner Rajeev Kumar again. According to CBI sources, on Thursday, a notice that will be sent to him. Before sending the notice, the CBI officials were present in the meeting on Wednesday. The meeting was attended by CBI Joint Director Pankaj Kumar Srivastava and SP Partha Mukherjee. The meeting was held at the CBI headquarters in Delhi.

CBI gives permission to question Rajeev Kumar. He is a very strong IPS officer. He has handled a lot of cases alone. He knows all the tactics of bringing the truth to the criminals. Now he will face CBI in Shillong.

According to sources, it is discussed that what questions has been asked to him in the meeting. It has been learned that lawyers are basically making questionnaires. In addition, the information gathered about the commissioner.

It is known that Rajeev Kumar may be questioned in Shilong next week. On Tuesday, Rajiv Kumar had sent a letter to the CBI after the Supreme Court’s order. Rajeev told to the CBI that he ready to gave time on 8th February. But the CBI has said that we will have to make the appointment at our due date.