Maha Govt Transfers Sheena Bora Case to CBI


Mumbai: The Maharashtra government on Friday transferred the Sheena Bora murder case to CBI. Citing reason the state government said that the move will eradicate any possibility of biased judgement by the state government or police.

Sheena Bora case is not a simple case of murder, but there are financial links to the murder, Maharashtra’s additional chief secretary (Home) KP Bakshi told reporters while making this announcement.

“There could be economic links to the murder and hence a complete and detailed probe was needed,” he said.

“This decision will ensure that no state government officer will be linked to the probe,” KP Bakshi said, slamming certain sections of the media for intentionally conveying an impression that the state government was interfering with the investigations.

“It is now for the Centre to accept our request and if we get the nod we will hand all the papers to the CBI,” he said.

The senior state government official once again denied that the transfer of former Mumbai police chief Rakesh Maria was linked to the murder probe.

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