CBI Summons DC DD Arnab Ghosh On Saradha Probe


Kolkata: Arnab Ghosh was served as DC DD of Bidhannagar Police Commisionarate when Saradha Chit fund case came to the lime light on 2013. Now Arnab Ghosh served as Police super of Malada district.

Now CBI wants to interrogate him on Saradha probe. The CBI, on the other hand, questioned Debbrat Bandyopadhyay, the first investigating officer of the Saradha case on Tuesday.

When Saradha owner Sudipta Sen was arrested from Sonamarg in Kashmir, then IO was Debabarata Banerjee. Earlier, CBI had given two-time notice to interrogate him. Finally, retired Debabarata attended the CBI office in Salt Lake on Tuesday.

On the other hand, after coming to Saradha publicly, the state government constituted the SIT under leadership of Kolkata Police Commissioner Rajiv Kumar. In 2014, the Supreme Court handed over the case to the CBI that has, however, failed to make any breakthrough.