CBI sold to state BJP: Mamata


Kolkata: Amidst a vigorous poll campaign, Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee lashed out at the opposition and Modi government in her unique style at a meeting held at Subhash Park area in Beliaghata on Sunday.
Mamata firing salvos at BJP said that Modi has been using CBI as a puppet to orchestrate attack against her government. She said the people of Bengal will give proper answer to the critics.
The CM alleged that CBI has sold itself to the state BJP and is acting like an agent of the BJP. Lashing out at the opposition she said that the oppositions are hiring goons to stir up trouble in the state, and is engaged in a heinous game of maligning her government.
Although the CM blamed every trouble on the BJP and the opposition, the frequent attacks, allegedly carried out by TMC goons is not doing any good to her image. Depicting a dictatorial stance the CM is known for her intolerance towards criticism.

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