CBI probe against rape video shared on WhatsApp: SC


CBI probe against rape video shared on WhatsApp: SC

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New Delhi: It is a trend in the social network sites that people often gain amusement from sharing explicit material. But this cheap form of entertainment is over after a judgement made by the Supreme Court on Friday. In the shocking videos that were circulated on internet using a messaging service WhastApp recently where two women were seen being gang-raped and the culprits were seen smiling and posing for the camera while the video was being made, the Supreme Court tagging them as ‘shocking and scary’ on Friday ordered the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to immediately investigate the videos.

“It is a serious issue and something needs to be done. It is quite clear this issue is extremely serious and of great public importance,” the court said, remarking that the men in the video appeared to be from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar and were ‘Bengali-speaking’.

All three states along with Odisha have been asked by the court to begin the hunt to trace out the rapists in the video.