CBI might issue fresh notice to Subrata Bakshi


Kolkata: The CBI officers are going to send a notice to the All India General Secretary of TMC, Subrata Bakshi. It has now been 24 hours that the CBI officers are going to get a track of Bakshi. But as the All India General Secretary is busy with the party work, he was unavailable at the TMC Bhavan.

The CBI had asked for a detailed financial report seeking the details of the financial transactions of TMC in the last two years. But Mukul Roy who is now being replaced by Subrata Bakshi was the general secretary of the party at that time. As Bakshi was not at office, it would not be possible for him to provide the proper answer to the central detectives, feels the TMC supremo.

According to CBI sources, the officers might ask him about the donations and the financial statements related to the various paintings of Mamata which were sold at that time.

On Thursday, CBI officers had called up in the Trinamool Congress Bhavan. According to reports, it is learnt that the Central Detectives wanted to talk to the All India General Secretary of TMC, Subrata Bakshi. But Bakshi was not present at the TMC Bhavan then.

The TMC supremo on hearing about this incident said that, if next time the CBI calls at the TMC Bhavan, she will herself take the call and face the officers. Mamata Banerjee had expressed this view in her personal sector. The CBI had earlier asked for the financial statements of TMC

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