CBI Interrogated TMC MP Prasun Banerjee In Narada Probe


Kolkata: The CBI probing the Narada sting operation scam on Tuesday quizzed former football star of India and TMC MP Prasun Banerjee for his alleged taking money in Narada sting operation scam.

নারদা-কাণ্ডে টাকা নেওয়ার কথা স্বীকার তৃণমূল সাংসদের

The MP from Howrah constituency was grilled some three hours after he appeared before the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) officials at Nizam Palace in the city following summon notice on the politician.

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The MP said reporters after emerging out of the CBI office that he cooperated with the investigative officials as required. ” I have cooperated with the CBI officials as they wanted to know if I had taken money from Narada CEO Mathew Samuel and what i did with the money,” former India mid-fielder said.

Mr Banerjee has been accused of taking Rs 5 lakh from Mathew Samuel as the secret filming of the handing over the money shown in the sting operation, which was held in 2014 and came to light in 2016.

The CBI has filed an FIR following the apex court directive to follow the sting operating and the central investigating agency named 12 TMC leaders, including ministers, MPs and MLAs and an IPS officer SMH Mirza. One of the accused Sultan Amhed (MP) died yesterday following cardiac arrest.