‘Catified’ ICU Ward Of RG Kar Hospital, Authority Remains Reluctant


Kolkata: Despite impressive progress of city’s lifestyle, its dysfunctional public health system continues to pose a grave threat to the health of the patients in the state and the city. Four years ago, after an incident where a newborn who was scratched by cat in RG.Kar hospital came into light,many questions were raised on this issue. But the scenario still remains unchanged.The situation in the hospital premises is creepy and ‘catified’.

Rules are like rules, concealed inside the files; and cats remains lingering in the hospital premises, especially near the ICU of RG.Kar hospital. Anytime meow! meow!…. Can be heard near the ICU ward of the hospital.

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Thinking the hospital their realm, this mouser moves around when the doctors, nurses or any family member of are present in the ward. At time, they also climbs on the table where food and medicines are stored for the patients.This cozy-creature even lies beside the patients if they want rest. In this situation how the hospital authority will put their concern on the health of the patients and maintain the hygiene in the hospital.But breeding of cats in the ICU ward is a making the ambiance unhygienic. The keens of the patients are worried for this matter. They have complaints that cats linger always in the ICU and hence it can spread infection among the patients.

The keens of the patients have stated that, family members are not always allowed in the ICU ward. Patients are left under the observation of the attendants. An attendant takes care of more than one patients at a time. So it is not possible for them to check whether any cat has nibbled on their food and water. We are very worried about the issue.How do the cats enter the Intensive Care Unit? Why the hospital authority is not taking any step to check this issue? Several questions have been raised on this issue.

Disappointingly, the superintendent of RG.Kar hospital has said, “What can we do? We are also worried with this problem. We have also informed it to KMC, but no actions has been taken on this issue. The visiters, especially the family members of the patients are fond of cats. Some give food to them and some pampers them. Beside this, the people who look after the canteen in the hospital and some of our workers also gives them food. We have warned them many time but all went to the deaf years. ” Here a lies the question, will the hospital authority get aways with this excuse that nobody listens to them? The chairman of health welfare authority and Trinamool Congress Rajya Sabha MP Dr. Shantanu Sen said, he is unaware of this issue. But he will soon look in this matter.”
The superintendent of RG.Kar hospital said that, “The dog’s issue has been solved. I promise that this issue with the cats will be solved soon.”

Reported By: Debjani Sarkar

Edited By: Mousumi Das