Castrate Child Rapists: Madras HC


CHENNAI: A Madras High Court bench has suggested to the Center to consider castrating those who abused children sexually as the present law is “ineffective” in dealing with such criminals.

Traditional laws are not stringent enough to yield any desired positive result. Suggestion of castration looks barbaric, but barbaric crimes should definitely attract barbaric model of punishment. Many may not agree with this. Still, everyone needs to understand the stark reality in society and appreciate the punishment suggested,” said Justice N Kirubakara.

“The suggestion to castrate may look barbaric. But barbaric criminals needed barbaric punishment. The very thought of punishment should deter the criminal from committing the offence,” the judge observed.

“Under the banner of human rights violations, some activists who first sympathies with the victims later support the criminal also. They are placing misplaced sympathy. Human rights were applicable to the victims,” the judge also added this.

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