Cash Crunch Returns: Hits These 4 States


New Delhi: More than an year after country last faced ‘cash-crisis’ post government’s major demonetization announcement; the quandary again haunts four major states of the country.

In a sudden event, the cash has disappeared from the ATMs located in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat; causing a lot of problem to the common man, who have to return home empty-handed from ATMs.

The same has made people recall the difficult time they faced post demonetization. If RBI is to be believed, the lack of cash is due to huge demand in festive season. The regulator further claimed that the situation will normalize in a day or two.

The most affected area here is Bihar. Even Rajbhawan, which is considered as one of the most posh areas, considering it is at walking distance from CM Nitish Kumar’s residence, had to send back people empty-handed as the ATMs even in this area turned down the people.