Cash Ban: Kidnappers Release Kid After 2 Days Without Ransom


Varanasi: Demonetisation effect is not only being felt by the common man, even kidnappers are suffering as a result of it.

In an unusual case, kidnappers were forced to release a child without taking ransom as his family members only had Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes to provide to the kidnappers.

Sankalp was kidnapped on November 8 from Varanasi by some people in a car as he was about to visit his friend’s house. However, as the kidnappers realised that Sankalp’s parents could only pay the ransom amount in high value currency, they refused to take it.

Further, they released Sankalp in Fatehpur on November 10 and he was able to reunite with his family.

Sankalp’s family was overjoyed and praised PM Narendra Modi’s demonetisation move which helped save their child’s life along with their hard earned money.


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