Carcass Meat Row: KFC To Serve ‘Open Kitchen Hours’ To Customers

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Kolkata: As Kolkata is panicking about rotten animal meat, the multinational food chain KFC is now going out of the box to regain the confidence of Kolkatans.

Now, after 20 tonnes of carcass meat of cats and dogs being discovered, allegedly packaged and kept in cold storages, and distributed to food outlets throughout Kolkata, the city has been jolted out of slumber.

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According to reports, the sale of non-vegetarian food items like mutton, pork and chicken has halved across restaurants in Kolkata, and the Hotel and Restaurants. Association of Eastern India (HRAEI) has issued an advisory to its members asking them to stick to buying meat only from registered suppliers.

Now KFC has announced an “open kitchen hours” for all its outlets in Kolkata wherein it will allow people into the kitchen and see it for themselves how the chicken is prepared right from the raw stage. The “open kitchen hours” is valid from 2-10 June.

Due to the carcass meat row, panic has set in, and for a few days, Kolkatans are going to be concentrating on fish, prawns and vegetarian dishes, not just at the roadsides, but also bonafide restaurants.

KFC has 26 outlets in Bengal and most of them are located in Kolkata. The food giant has posted the announcement on its Facebook page, inviting a mix of jokes, negative remarks, and appreciation as well. To the dismay of KFC, most of the comments are negative and may be reflective of the perception that people have in general.

That is, until the customary apathy and suspension of disbelief sets in again. But to see this incident in isolation from the general climate of woeful lack of food safety standards that has been the norm in India is to continue living in denial.