Carcass Meat Racket: Police Finds International Link


Kolkata: Carcass-meat is not a one-off affair; it’s a well organised industry, much bigger than previously thought. Police finds international link against it.

The carcass-meat industry had grown both in size and profit in the last four years under Malik. Nine people have been arrested so far, including the three last week. According to the cops, the trio claimed the carcass meat was mostly of stray dogs and cats.

A night-long raid at an ice factory in Rajabazar starting late on Wednesday yielded as much as 20 tonnes of carcass meat, packed and ready to be sold.

Packed neatly in 1,000 packets, each weighing 20kg, the carcass meat, allegedly mixed with fresh meat, was sold to hotels and restaurants after being treated with chemicals at -44 °C for four to five days.

The Budge Budge police, which is handling the probe, is also getting the meat tested independently. Experts, however, feel a very accurate detection would prove difficult, given that fresh meat was mixed with carcass meat.

Three people were picked up from the Rajabazar factory itself. Two more were nabbed after raids across Tangra, Narkeldanga, Jagaddal and Kakinara. The kingpin — Sunny Malik — was picked up from Nawada in Bihar after help from the local police.