Carcass Meat Racket: KMC Combs Alipore Zoo To Check Quality Of Meat


Kolkata: The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) conducted a drive at the Alipore Zoological Garden to take stock of the quality of meat that is being provided to the carnivores in the zoo.

In a major development a racket is busted, involved in processing the flesh of carcasses collected from dumping grounds in and around the city’s adjoining suburbs and selling it to local restaurants and departmental stores.

A team from the food safety unit of KMC, took stock of the quality of meat that is being supplied for feeding the carnivores in the zoo. The team led by Atin Ghosh also collected samples of meat used for feeding the animals, as well as the stuff used by restaurants and food stalls in and around the zoo.

However, a portion of the meat is not consumed by the animals and is carried away by a person living in Salt Lake area. A person has told the zoo authorities that the wasted meat is used as fish feed. The KM team have collected this person’s details, to ascertain whether this meat is being used for other purpose.