Can’t Keep Grudges, Have To Move On: Bani On Lopamudra

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Mumbai: They were constantly at loggerheads on the just concluded reality show “Bigg Boss” but Bani Judge believes it is not “difficult” to be friends with Lopamudra Raut and there is scope for patch up in future.

While Bani came second, the model bagged the third spot on the show that ended last night.

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When asked if it’s difficult to be friends with Raut after the show, Bani said, “I won’t says it’s difficult, but it’s a little early right now. I feel if we had to work on a show together, like we were on the same team couple of times during the jury thing (on the show), we did a good job of supporting each other in a positive way.”

The popular VJ says she can’t keep grudges against anyone and instead, prefers to move on.

“It depends on the scenario. We were put in such competitive situations, so I think there were some differences that were made. It was just bad timing. But you can expect good things in the future, you can’t keep grudges, you have to move on, let it go,” she said.

Commoner Manveer Gurjar won the “Bigg Boss” season 10, but Bani has no regret losing while being so close to victory.

“I am really happy and very relieved. I finished 105 days, it’s pretty awesome and I don’t have any regrets for the fact that the trophy is not in my hands. I feel like I’ve won,” she said.

On the show, Bani had moments of breakdown, highs and lows and she feels people failed to understand her throughout.

On being quizzed if she felt victimised, she said, “I wouldn’t say victimised, but I knew people wouldn’t understand me. This happened to me in ‘Roadies’ as well. But I didn’t realise people would not understand me to this extent, even now when I am 29 years old,” she said.

Bani says she would love to work more as the show will “open a lot of doors and I look forward to walking through most of them.