Canna witnesses first crime in 50 years


Canna: Tiny Scottish island of Canna has recorded its first crime in about five decades which is a theft from its only shop.

The island of Canna, which is situated off Scotland’s coast has a population of only 26. It has zero crime rate and has no Police station or even any police personnel.

The incident has come as a shock with the thieves clearing the shelves of the store and fled away with sweets, chocolate bars, coffee, biscuits, toiletries and batteries along with six hand-knitted wool hats made by the shop’s manager.

The shop is owned by the Isle of Canna community Development Trust and is run by volunteers. It is left open round the clock  so that sailors, fishermen and kayakers can use the free wi-fi and help themselves to a cup of tea or coffee.

The resident s of the island has been left dismayed by the theft where the last crime was committed in the 1960s when a when a carved wooden plate was stolen from the Rhu Church. It was never recovered and the case was never solved.

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