Canada Joins France and America to Destroy ISIS


Washington: Newly elected Prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau joins hands with America and France in combating the IS, at a conference in capital of Philippines, Manila today. Trudeau says Canada is already with America. Canada will fight allying shoulder to shoulder with America against IS. In his statement he also says, Canada was with America before and will also stay in the future. Canada’s Airforce expedition to Syria shall have to impactful. There’s no question of returning back of forces.

President Barack Obama is also presnt at the meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Obama says Russia and Iran must decide whether they want to prop up Syrian President Bashar Assad or “save the Syrian state” by finding a Syrian government that can be legitimate.

He says it’s unimaginable that Syria’s civil war can be stopped without Assad leaving power. He says Assad “cannot regain legitimacy.”

Obama says the goal of recent diplomatic efforts is to create space that could eventually lead to a “pivot” and political transition. He says a hoped-for cease-fire might not be observed by all parties but would create “pockets of calm.”

Obama’s comments come amid U.S. hopes that Russia may be warming to the idea of a future Syria that doesn’t include Assad.