Can You Spot The Ghost In This Photo?

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Sydney: An incredibly haunting image of linen mill girls from 1900 has emerged and it appears the photo wasn’t just of the living.

The creepy black and white photograph shows 15 woman posing in their work uniforms in a mill in Belfast.

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Most of the young girls in the grainy photograph have their arms folded in front of them for the group picture. 

This image of linen mill girls from 1900 has stumped recent viewers as it appears to be a photo of both the dead and the living

On closer inspection of the photo it is easy to see something is not quite right.

The young woman in the third row on the far right hand side has a claw-like hand resting on her shoulder.


The woman behind her has her arms folded in front of her – so the hand can’t be hers.

The hand appears to be resting on the young girl’s back as if it was a friend in a side-on embrace.


The photo shows a woman’s hand on one of the girl’s shoulders but it isn’t connected to a body

The girl does not appear to be phased by the hand and is almost smiling for the camera.

When the photo is made larger it is clear to see the detail on the hand including the bend of the fingers and the thumb nail.

There are no other obvious signs of paranormal activity snapped in the picture.

The woman does not appear to be worried about the hand which is resting on her shoulder

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