Can Pakistan And China Announce Masood A Terrorist?


Nikhilesh Roy Chowdhury, Kolkata: At last, Islamabad took an unprecedented step. They openly scolded LeT chief Hafij Mohammed Sayeed. About this move, India only can hope that the neighboring country’s leadership is not playing any under-the-table game. If they have a good wish, Islamabad will take stern action against LeT’s so-called front organization Jamat-ud-Dawa and choke their financial pipeline.

If China and Pakistan, both neighbors, really concentrate to curb the Islamic fundamentalist terrorism, those forces cannot get any foothold in PoK or FATA regions. Those terrorists have already attacked Chinese experts and technologists in the Pakistani soil. But Beijing always takes a stance of a marble god, who can’t see, speak or hear.

So, Delhi can raise this question: we are happy about your recent stand on Hafij Sayeed, but what are you doing about Masood Azhar? Peculiarly, Azhar is the person, about whom the Chinese leadership is very ‘touchy’. They don’t want him to be internationally blacklisted. They vetoed again and again in UNSC on the proposal. The move has given him much more oxygen than he could expect.

Why Massod Azhar’s so adorable to both Beijing and Islamabad? Are there so many dirty linens under his armpits, which could put both Beijing and Islamabad red-faced? India always wants to cooperate amicably with neighboring countries. But if the meaning of goodwill and friendship somebody translates through meanness, then that friendship is valueless like used toilet paper.

What Beijing thinks about Masood Azhar? Is he a peaceful preacher with eternal gospels of moral? Never saw any firearms or neither assorted any lethal explosives? May be, when a Tibetan Buddhist lama could turn into a dreaded anti-national element, then Masood Azhar could be transformed into a mystic Sufi singer in Beijing leadership’s benevolent eyes.

So, if it is truly honest, recent Pak stand on Hafij Sayeed of course a bold move. But if Islamabad and Beijing can’t announce Massod Azhar a ‘terrorist’, then everything will be turned into Maya pipedreams.