Campus Transformed Into Hostel, Presi Students Protest In New Way


Kolkata: The students of the Presidency University have resorted to protests in
demand for a hostel, following massive protests by the Medical students recently.
The students claim that they were told that renovation was needed and then they
were moved from the Hindu hostel in 2015. However, the students accuse that the
University authority did not yet give back their hostel despite multiple
assurances. The students have been protesting for almost a month within the
university campus.

Subhajit Sarkar, one of the protesting students and member of SFI state committee
told Kolkata24x7 and said, “In 2015, the university authority asked for a period of
11 months for renovation. Arrangements were made for the students, who were living
in the Hindu hostel, to stay at a government house in Rajarhat. It is a journey of
almost 2-3 kilometers from there to the university. The living condition is also
not acceptable. There is problem in fooding too.”

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On how long are the students staying at Rajarhat, Subhajit said, “Look, 36 1months
have passed instead of 11, but the hostel has not been returned yet. Those who were
living in the hostel and we all started protesting. Then the authorities requested
for six months’ time by which they will make arrangements. The period of six months
ended in August. After this, we were compelled to protest from August 3.”

The students have returned from Rajarhat and are staying outside their own rooms of
the hostel in the verandahs. They have almost transformed the Presidency campus as
a hostel. The protesting students allege that many have been infected with malaria
and had to return home, for staying in the verandah and getting drenched in the

The protesting students have informed that they will carry on their protest in this
way until and unless they get back their hostel.