Campus Of Unrest


Campus politics is getting uglier with each passing day

Sarnavo Das

Universities and colleges are temples of higher learning. These institutions provide more wisdom than mere education. They shape a complete human being who is blessed with an inner personality. So, it is our duty to ensure that these campuses should held a healthy atmosphere for sake of knowledge. Unfortunately, in recent times, our country has seen some disturbing activities in Jawaharlal Nehru University and Jadavpur University. This reminds us the black days of Calcutta University in the time period of the Vice Chancellor Sachin Sen and then the period of Santosh Kumar Bhattacharya.

Not only the arrest of student leader Kanhaiya Kumar or the mysterious death of Rohit Vemula, more often we have come across headlines of violence during polls in the colleges and the universities. In the name of student movement, some uncouth elements take resort to all kinds of hooliganism—brandishing weapons, hurling stones, beating up each other and damaging properties.

Political parties have numerous affiliated student organizations that operate in the universities just as some power base mentored by the political influentials. Their high-handedness of student politics often creates a war zone in these campuses. The regular studies get disruption causing harm to any student— who wants to study. Sadly, certain sections of teachers, associated with various political parties, are actively or hand-in-gloves played spoil sport by brainwashing students in name of knowledge sharing. May be they think they take the path of Derozio or Masterda, but the country is a Free One.

Take the example of Bengal— decade after decade, this state has suffered the worst on this issue. From the turbulent days of Naxalism to the recent rallies and counter-rallies on JNU row, Bengal has been in limelight for all the wrong reasons. Even, outsiders are attacking the students with the help of administration; recent furore in the Burdwan University is the latest example. Both ruling party and counter forces backed goons have attacked innocent students.

Yes, there is a need to look after the needs of students, there should be a body who will voice all student-related concerns to the authority. But, now the time has come to do away with political party colours from our campuses; may be independent student bodies devoid of all party umbrellas are the solutions to maintain peace, tranquility and sanctity of any campus. We need to see that our teachers and students are safe in these campuses.

Above all, students should behave like students. They need to show maturity, and here teachers should have a role to play like themselves. The University should not be a place of pseudo-intellectualism— which will ruin students’ career in long run! Of course, maximum students want a voice. They have passion, emotion, fire in heart and dreams in mind. They always search their souls, but tragically, dark voices dump them in ashtray. So our appeal to the teachers, just teach us a simple art of reasoning, which we can enjoy and through that approach could take the future more positively. Building one’s own career should be the mantra than getting carried away in the tide of narcissism!