Cam Sex strives in the generation which ‘shows off’


Come on Baby! Just show me once! Believe me, you look stunning in ‘nothing’!

Oh ho!! Jaanu I really can’t put you down when you say like this! But just for once, huh? Here you go..

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And that is it! The chat gets transformed into something which we call ‘sex chat’ and due to the web cam facility available in the desktops and laptops of the generation, there flows a saga of ‘virtual intercourse’ that comes to be known as ‘Cam Sex’ in the present era. From college girls to house wives, women of all generation take part in this indirect way of love making.

The world is a fast changing place. Keeping up with the speed, the sexual preferences of people are also going through a metamorphosis. To cater to such desires, sexuality has also redefined and rediscovered itself with time and being atune with the generation where sex chat becomes an old fashioned affair in the altar of ‘cam sex’. The most striking feature of this new form of sexuality is that girls have been engaging themselves more in number than compared to boys.

cam-sexImbibing western sexuality is not something new in the City Of Joy, From waving of handkerchiefs at the happening zings to the delusion of the glossy lips, Kolkata stays awake in the nocturnal beauty of the dark mascaras and finds calmness inbetween the superficial ecstacy provided by the different sex toys that are now very popular among a class. Amidst such enchantments, cam sex is the new practice that the City has found herself in while staying awake for long hours at night in the trance of just displaying and showing of the bodies to one another regularly.

At a time, phone sex was considered to be one of foremost precursors of foreplay among the youths. But thanks to the web of internet and video calling, cam sex has become the new peg of toast among the couples of the generation. They are even happy to share their partner’s nudity in social medias and elsewhere. The extra smartness of the generation with their smartphones has taught the young blood to display their hidden and indulge in a complete new cherishabe desire which gets cushioned by sexuality and lust.

You must not have a girl or a boyfriend to enjoy cam sex. In the internet there are various websites that are available which opens up the door to this new avenue where sexuality is shared, enjoyed just by wasting a few kilobytes. The persons involved in cam sex might not be of the same country. They might not be of the same sex even. It is just the flaunting of body parts that has a complete different appeal to men and women. Fake IDs are also registered if one is not willing to disclose the identity.

But did the generation ever realize what will happen if the sex tape gets leaked or the system gets hacked? The answer might not be something that defines the Indian mentality. The tech savy generation knows about the cons of this sexual act but it is the desire and the uncontrolled sex drive that drives away the fear and the chances of getting caught. Cam Sex is the complete new language of sexuality and it is predominant within the generation. The do-not-care-people is perhaps happy to display their hidden and find an utmost pleasure in ‘showing off’ their personal treasuries. Indeed, Kolkata is changing with renewed preference and ‘reviewed videos’.

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