Calves Helped Police To Nab Thieves In MP


Mumbai:  Police often land up in knotty cases where they are required to think out of the box to ensure justice to victim and jail for culprits.

Ashoka Garden police in Bhopal had to seek help from a bunch of calves so as to identify rightful owner of five buffaloes which were stolen by two thieves.

Subhash Colony resident Sandip Yadav had on February 23 complained to police about theft of his cattle while he went for lunch leaving his five buffaloes grazing at local Bijli Colony ground.

After a hectic search, police arrested two men–Nafis (31) and Saeed (45)—both resident of Barkhera Pathani area on Feb 26 evening.

Both the men confessed to police of the crime and also helped in recovery of the stolen cattle.

The cattle owner too identified the buffaloes. However, police needed some proof to justify his claim of ownership. Knowing that all of them were in lactation period, the police brought all the five calves of the buffaloes to police station and let them loose before the cattle.

“The buffaloes identified their respective calves and let them feed on their milk, while they shooed away calves which did not belong to them,” said Assistant Sub-Inspector Manoj Yadav who probed the case.

The cattle were handed over to the owner temporarily after necessary formalities. The case papers have been submitted in the court, said the ASI.


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