Calcutta Medical College Would Become 1st Solar-Run College In State


Kolkata: Calcutta Medical College and Hospital (CMCH) would become the first medical college in the State to be run on solar power. A 400 kW solar power project is taking shape for the medical college. This would make CMCH the first ‘green medical college’ of West Bengal.

Usage of solar power would result in a lot of saving on power. For a four-hour run via solar power, the medical college would be able to save about Rs 2.8 lakh per month, or Rs 33.6 lakh per year. It would also result in a reduction in carbon dioxide emission of 210 kg per month.

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Depending on demand, there would be provision for increasing the power output from the project. With the implementation of this project, CMCH would become the first ‘green medical college’ and the second ‘green government hospital’ of the State.

The first hospital was the infectious Diseases (ID) Hospital in Beleghata, also in Kolkata. That was 150kW project, which resulted in the saving Rs 12 lakh per year and a reduction in carbon dioxide emission of 72 kg per month.

Being renewable, and hence environment-friendly, and comparatively cheaper, solar power is being widely promoted by the State Government.