Calcutta HC Issues Interim Order In Giving Donation To Puja Committees


Kolkata: Calcutta High court on Friday has issued an interim order in giving donation to the puja committees. The order will be valid till Tuesday.

West Bengal CM has assured 10 thousand rupees to the puja commitees. A PIL has been filed against State government. The officiating judge expressed anger over the role of State government.

Many puja committees including Ekdalia Evergreen. Both the judges asked the role of State govt that how they can distribute money from September 24 after filing a case on September 19.

The Advocate General Kishor Dutta said that, State govt distributing money to conduct awareness programme on ‘save drive, safe life’. The opposition lawyer Bikashranjan Bhattacharya said that, “No state provide money for religious occasion. It is completely unconstitutional.”

The court has asked that the government has to mention the fund. A specific guideline has to be made on this purpose. Only the Durga puja organisors will get the money or every community will get some financial support for their festival?

The next hearing will take place after court receives information within Tuesday. Hearing will take place on Tuesday. State govt has to state the selection process of the puja committees.