‘Cafe Ekante’ to recreate the Bengali cuisine magic among Kolkatans


Kolkata: The West Bengal government is set to launch a food junction at the famous hangout of Rajarhat, Eco Park in New Town soon. The food joint will serve authentic bengali cuisine to cater to the taste buds of the food friendly Bengalis of Kolkata.State’s Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation will launch the food joint ‘Cafe Ekante’ on the island at Eco Park in New Town and will be inaugurated on May 15.

The ‘Cafe Ekante’ will be specialised in serving vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian Bengali cuisine served on banana leaves placed on terracotta plates, with waiters sporting kurta-pyjama to elevate the touch of Bengali hospitality. A special country boat will ferry people to Eco Island and the ride will be free for those going to the cafe. “The ceilings of the cafe as well as the cottages have been decorated with Sital Pati (traditional mats),” Sen said adding that “music, barbecue and angling will be some of the unique experiences for visitors,” claimed the authorities.

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Some of the dishes which will be in offer are Kosha Manghso with Paratha, Mochar  Chop, Aamer (Mango) Chop, Echorer (Green Jack fruit) curry, Dimer (Egg) Devil and even Masala Muri are few of the items that the cafe look forward to provide to the food lovers. Coupled with the attractions of Eco Island and Cafe Ekante, Banglar Hat, an exclusive outlet for Bengal handicrafts with Kolkata’s iconic hand-pulled rickshaw at display, would be an added attraction for tourists and visitors, the HIDCO CMD said.