Cabinet gives approval to ammend juvenile law


New Delhi: The union cabinet has given its approval to changes in the juvenile justice act. Under the juvenile justice act amendment bill, it will become possible to try juvenile in age group of 16-18 under laws for adults for heinous crimes.It provides that in case a heinous crime has been committed by a person in the age group of 16-18 years it will be examined by the Juvenile Justice Board to assess if the crime was committed as a ‘child’ or as an ‘adult’. 

Since this assessment will take place by the Board which will have psychologists and social experts, it will ensure that the rights of the juvenile are duly protected if he has committed the crime as a child. 

Ever since the infamous Nirbhaya rape and murder case in december of 2012, this was a consistent demand from many quarters as one of the main accused of the heinous crime was declared juvenile and was not tried under the juvenile justice act.

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