Cabinet approves amendment in Child Labour Act

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New Delhi: The Cabinet on Wednesday approved amendment in Child Labour Act. The Cabinet said children under 14 years of age can work in non-hazardous industries provided it is only during holidays or after school hours.

The Cabinet approved employing minors in family-owned businesses. Child labour accounts for 8.5 per cent of India’s 31.2-crore workforce.

The changes in the labour law also provide for stricter punishment for employers for violation. While there is no penalty provision for parents for the first offence, the employer would be liable for punishment even for the first violation.

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In case of parents, the repeat offenders may be penalised with a monetary fine up to Rs 10,000. In case of first offence, the penalty for employers has been increased up to two and half times from the existing up to Rs 20 thousand to up to Rs 50,000 now.