Bypoll heats up Bongaon,Krishnagunj



  • A team led by the Left leaders approach the Election Commision
  • Violence reported by the Lefts at Gayeshpur and some other constituencies
  • No signs of violence has been marked at Bongaon till 2.20 pm
  • TMC has been alleged to carry out proxy vote at Gayeshpur
  • Satyajit Biswas has washed off any such allegation
  • Manabendra Roy, the TMC candidate of Krishnagunj has been reported to be attacked by TMC workers
  • At 12 pm, Bongaon records 34.7 per cent votes and Krishnagunj records 37.62 per cent
  • There is no news of any serious clash at the constituencies
  • A case of Proxy vote is registered at Gayeshpur
  • Bongaon-18.25 per cent and Krisnagunj records 15.05 per cent vote in the first two hours

At 10 am in the morning, no major incident has really rattled the two constituencies. Apart from Kalyani and Gayeshpur, no further disturbance has been reported.

  • Booths at Betla, Govindapur of Krishnagunj report problems.
  • Allegations hurled at TMC by the locals at Krishnagunj to disturb peace
  • Manjul Krishna and Subrata Thakur stood in the que for 20 mins to vote: Sources
  • There was a problem regarding the serial number of the voters.
  • Subrata feels hopeful for a win from Bongaon
  • Subrata urges everyone to exercise their democratic rights.
  • Subrata Thakur, BJP Candidate of Bongaon casts his vote
  • Voters being stopped from entering booth nos. 232,233,234 at Krishnagunj
  • Pandemonium at Gayeshpur in Nadia. TMC supporters not being allowed to enter booths.
  • Satyajit Biswas of TMC complains to the Returning Officer
  • TMC agent unallowed to enter a booth no.192 at Krishnagunj.
  • Voters are refused to enter a booth at Nadia
  • ‘Barama’ Binapani Devi goes to cast her vote
  • Mamata Bala Thakur casts her vote
  • A BJP agent is denied entry at a booth at Bongaon
  • EVM not reported to work at Helencha Girls’ School
  • Disruption of EVMs are reported in both the places
  • 90 CCTV cameras and unanimous security personnels deploid for a fair election
  • Vote starts at 8 am in Bongaon LS constituency and Krishnagunj VS constituency